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Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro – The most popular software in editing, which is the platform, is Premiere Pro and FCP and also in Premiere Pro, which is currently Premiere Pro CC, and the latest version of FCP X in FCB.

Many people are confused on which one to go for? Must go premiere props or go to FCP. So today we will know what is the difference between these two, which has some merits and some have some shortcomings, definitely all these software companies are rectifying their shortcomings, their bugs, and improving them day by day. 

First comes the OS ie Operating System. On which it runs, for any software to run, it is necessary to have an OS in the computer. That is, it is necessary to have an operating system which is Premiere Pro CC, where it is comfortable in both Windows and Mac, that is, it can earn in both. But FCP is made only for Mac. That is, you cannot run it on the Windows version. That is, you cannot run on Windows OS. So here we will understand that we will accept a slight shortcoming of Final Cut Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro - BengalScheme
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Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro – Cost

Now coming to the cost, we are not talking about pirated software, we are saying that if you have to buy both Premiere Pro CC and FCP X and FCP 10 then what is the costing. See Premiere Pro CC which is CC means it has become cloud based. It is fully available on the cloud. One of the advantages of this is that you can upgrade at any time. Being on the cloud and you can keep your entire program on the cloud and in the coming days only cloud based software will run. But the problem comes where you have to pay its price every year. That is, if you purchase Premiere Pro CC, then you will have to renew it every year. That is, for this you will have to pay an annual fee.

That’s about as much to fill in as for a little more than that you can buy FCX forever. That is, there is a one time investment and FTP X is in your computer, so if we go for the best price here, then FCP Win does it here. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro – Interface

now coming to the interface. See, the interface of both is very professional. Both their interfaces are ready for the high level films are edited at this time.

But still, the interface we are seeing of Premiere Pro is a bit rather, a bit outdated because it is improving the same which is Premiere Pro. Whereas in CP, the interface of FCP that was used in Final Cut Pro, was changed at once. FCP X came in 2011 but it became popular since 2013 and its interface is completely change. But even today people in the industry have not given up the fascination of FCP seven, those who used to work on seven 15 years ago, they still prefer to work on this system because they do not want to learn new things. Yes No Doubt Seven is such a good software that even today you will enjoy working on it. But the matter of 10 is different. The latest version of FCP gives you a different feel. Talking about Premiere Pro here, Premiere Pro. Which was the earlier version. Before CC, we can ask that it was of student level or you can say that it was better for beginners.

But the version of CC that has come at this time is fully professional. You can do all that in it or you can do all the things in it whether it is import export. 

Adobe Premiere Pro Vs Final Cut Pro – Import Export

After this we come to its import export because when you import the file, it is seen in it that how many files it supports. See, Premiere Pro had come in it from the beginning, that is, it used to support maximum files. Now it has happened in HCP also that you can bring Red file or a file which is the latest version in it. 

But Premiere Proof was already very easy to import Red’s file Eric A file. If you had to convert, then you can easily convert by bringing it. And second thing, as far as export is concerned, which is your project file, if you want to convert it into J2K file, if you do not know about J2K file, then those ad films are played in cinema halls. It goes in the file of J2, so whenever you want to give any promo or anything for cinema hall which runs in theatres.

So they ask for J2K files and you cannot make J2K files in CP, you can make them in Premiere Pro. But there used to be very expensive software to create the Jethu file. And to convert J to file, people used to take 30 second conversion rate from 5000 to ₹ 8000, because people did not know that Premiere Pro has this feature that you can convert to J2K’s file.

So in terms of import export, for the time being we will consider Premier Pro as better. But all the qualities have come in FCP too, not that much, but still enough.

The interface is a bit more difficult than you’d find in Premiere Pro. But some things are easy in this. Like when you are working from editing then you want to go to color, you want to go to effect, or you want to go to do some graphic work, you can go there directly with one click and Can create good graphics. Talking about the color grading, the color is also very beautiful. You owe a lot to the color that resides on a professional color panel. And the color software that comes specially for DI or for sealing, all those things are in Premiere Pro. On the other hand, if we talk about color in FCP, then the normal color which is there in FCP is there, apart from that color effect has been given in all the plug-ins. You can use them to add a very nice color or you can create an effect. Create or grade color effects. In this we try both that the quality of both is almost equal and good.

Yes, it is definitely that it is a little easier to do in MCP. Why does it happen? Because its speed is more on the computer of the same configuration. If you load both FCP 10 and Premiere Pro CC, HCP will work faster and run faster. And out of the two, if we talk about the order, the render is also a bit better in FCP and is faster, in Premiere Pro you have to wait a bit all the time.

One more thing I would say Premiere Pro is fully manual ready. You can create it manually. That is, you have created a file, you have a winning file, it has to be kept in a folder. You will take the file from the folder, then when you convert that file as a project, then you will have to save the project. The whole thing is being run manually, like in a professional way. But what did FCP do that you’re editing this in anyway? Suddenly even if the light goes off, even after 2 years if you haven’t saved your computer, then Final Cut Pro will turn on at the same place, when you open it, where it was turned off i.e. the light went off. It is always saved even without saving it. Although the auto save mode is also in Premiere Pro, but it is by default. And it is easy for the people that whenever we open it, it will start from the same place. 

So there is no need to do it in FCP, it is always safe. This is an advantage in FCP. One thing in the premiere is its time line that is completely different. Separate ones for audio with separate ones for video. In that you can turn off any audio, you can also do it in this. In this too, it is done by pressing, it has come in it, now you can do it by calling the button. The timeline of Premium Pro seems a bit easy to us as it has separate sections for audio and video. You can move as many layers as you want in FCP, but the timeline is not magnetic, so you can do it manually. But what has been done in FCP because of the magnetic timeline, people face problems. See, it is easy for new people that if you removed any file from the middle or removed any piece of video, immediately both the back and front videos stick together.

And it works well, it works fast. Because of being magnetic, it works fast, but those who are professionals, they need that timeline that brother, wherever we keep the file, if we keep MT space in front and back, then it should lie there. Shouldn’t stick. So in such a condition, we find Premiere Pro’s timeline better than magnetic timeline, but working in FCP has become a habit, so people who are used to it will like it. But I really like Premiere Pro’s timeline. And as far as audio is concerned, both have audio libraries and you can put audio in there and there is a lot of editing potential in audio as well. In both, if you want, you can do voice-over work, you can do dubbing work, so both are almost equal in this. Yes, the way of working of both is different. The one whose hand is set in FCC will definitely like HCP. 

Since Premiere Pro is Adobe’s software, you can easily import Photoshop and After Effects files into it and work on it. This thing cannot be done in FCP. Definitely PhD file comes in FCP, you will be able to take PhD file in different layers also. But the things you can do in Premiere Pro you won’t be able to do in FCP. And there is a file of Geo After Effect, you can use it as a plug-in by taking it as a proof. You can change anything in it, you can change some motion in it and you can do very good motion graphic work. ACP has also started providing very good plugins for motion graphics.

You have to purchase some plugins from outside and there are so many good plugins that you can do a lot of work on it. But in Premiere Pro, you can manually control it. That is, you can do what you want in FCP with its plug-ins. But in Premiere Pro you can do whatever you want. So it’s a little bit different with motion graphics because After Effects is already such a great software when you take it and work with it. That is, if you bring any effect or any project of After Effects in Premiere Pro, or bring any file, then it can easily run in it, which cannot be done in FCP. In this we give the number to Premiere Pro that Premiere is good in this matter. 

Now coming to the overall result. You should get FCP or Premiere Pro. See, there are some special things in FCP that Premiere Pro doesn’t. And in the same way Premiere Pro also has certain features that a CP does not. But both of them have everything that is needed to edit a professional Hollywood or Bollywood movie making. In both these software, you can make ad film different, videos of different motion graphics, documentaries, music videos, videos with effects, everything along with the film. These two have so much potential that you can do a lot of VFX work without VFX.

But which one should you get?

First of all, you have to see which one is costing you dearly, which one is getting cheaper. We have already said that what is the version of Premiere Pro? You will have to renew it every year and you will have to pay FCP one time. But what is the problem in FCP for FCP you will need Mac computer which are expensive. And for Premiere Pro, if you take any windows computer or laptop, your windows will run on it. Premier Pro.

So now you have to select both the software is good. Yes definitely FCP likes us a bit more because it is easy and you can do many more things on it which is probably a bit difficult to do in Premiere Pro and it is a late thing. Here, whether you use or use Premiere Pro, it is most important that you should know editing well. And one more thing, when you have the ability to build emotion in your editing, no matter what software you use, you can edit better.

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