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Adobe Photoshop is a software that is mostly used for image editing, graphic design and digital art. It uses technology, it provides very powerful editing tools to the user, which if used properly, you can do anything with it. Photoshop’s default file extension is .psd ie Photoshop Document. A PhD file has a maximum key and height of 30,000 pixels. Also the length limit of a file is two gigabytes. The second type of Photoshop file is also called .psb i.e. Photoshop, it is used for large document format, and it also sets the maximum height and width limit of psd which is around 3,00,000 pixels. . In this the length limit can be a stand for about four exam bytes.

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History of Photoshop

Let us talk about the history of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop was originally developed in 1987 by two brothers, Thomas and John Knoll. It was then bought by Adopt Systems Inc. in 1988 for distribution. Till Thomas was doing PhD. He wrote a program that basically displayed the image on the screen. He named it Display. 

When his brother John Knoll came to know about this program as he used to work in Industrial Light and Magic at that time, he advised his brother to develop this program into a full images auditing program. In this way both the brothers together prepared Photoshop. He wanted to change the name of this program to Image Pro, but Image Pro. Name was not available. So he named it Photoshop, initially 200 copies were sold. Impressed by the success of this program, Adopt System bought it in the year 1988 and then it was named Adobe Photoshop. 

After this, many versions of Adobe Photoshop have come in the market and it has also got many names. By 2003, a total of seven versions of Photoshop had been developed, also known as Photoshop 7.0. But after this Photoshop was rebranded with Creative Suite. And its next version Photoshop 8.0 was developed, which was with Creative Suite. Photos of Creative Suite was renamed Creative Cloud, which was added to all versions after 2013. And today Photoshop is being sold with the branding of Photoshop Creative Cloud. 

Advantages of Photoshop

Let me talk about what are the advantages of Photoshop? The biggest advantage of Photoshop is that even a common computer user can edit his photo after a little practice and start making graphics too, because its interface is very easy and user friendly. That’s why these photographs are the first choice for graphic designers, advertising and internet meme designers, videogame artists. You can do a lot of work with Photoshop and you can use it in different types of graphic projects. 

Like photo restoration, if a photo has become very bad, then you can correct it in Photoshop. Product Retouch, Add and Remove Watermark, Photo Mass, Clipping Path, Photo Editing, Logo Designing, Enhancing, Photo Composition, Color Correction, Banner Designing, T Shirt Designing, UI Designing, iPhone App Designing, Flare Designing, Website Header Designing, website mockup, business card designing, image background removal, eBook cover page designing, there are many things that you can do with Photoshop.

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